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"All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy"


At Maryvale Catholic School, we recognise that extracurricular activities are very important to the broad and balanced development of individuals, so we have a wide range of activities on offer, information about which can be found on this page.


Some benefits of extracurricular activities are:


1.    They provide a breather
"All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy". It’s good for children to concentrate on academics but it can also result in stress and boredom if it is not punctuated with breaks. Therefore there is nothing better than to engage them in extracurricular activities to give them a much needed refreshing break from studying and restore their ability to retain knowledge.

2.    They develop thinking skills
Extra-curricular activities enhance critical thinking, especially when they are posed with various challenges and have to find suitable solutions within those situations. The children have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to other real life situations, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the posed challenges and arrive at suitable solutions. All this is often done in fractions of seconds sometimes, for example on the field during a football match the child requires all of the above aspects of thinking skills to take quick decisions to manipulate the ball effectively.

3.    They enhance social skills
These days, our children are becoming unsociable creatures, especially with the domination of their free time by social media and computer games. Participation in extracurricular activities will make sure they get an opportunity to meet like-minded friends, break social barriers and share a healthy bonding with them. At the same time, they learn and respect the value of team work. In addition, it will help steer them clear of disturbing behaviour and inappropriate activities.

4.    They can boost self-confidence
Irrespective of whether your children like to draw and paint or play football, being appreciated for something other than academics will boost their self esteem as well as their mood. A confident child is better equipped to take on the real life challenges with perseverance and resilience.

5.    They can bring out the hidden talent
Every child is gifted with a special talent, but it is not always recognised. Extracurricular activities encourage and give opportunity for hidden talents to reveal themselves.