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Hello Year 6!


I am very excited for my first week back teaching in Year 6 and seeing some of your smiling faces laugh For those of you who are remaining at home, I hope you and your families are well heart Please do keep in touch via email if you have anything you would like to share with me and the rest of the class.


Well done for finding the class homework page yes This homework is for both the Year 6 children coming into school to learn and for the Year 6 children who are homeschooling. 


Maths: Geometry

In school this week the children are revising the properties of 2D shapes, with a particular focus on triangles and quadrilaterals.

I have set you tasks on MyMaths in relation to this. Please complete them by 15/6/20


Below are also some 2D shape sorting activities you may like to try: 


Science: Scientists and Inventors

Over this half term, you are going to be learning about scientists and inventors linked to the science topics you have studied in your time at Maryvale.


This week, I would like you to use the internet to find out about Stephen Hawking- his life, work, achievements and any extra interesting facts about him. 


Decide how to present your research to tell your family and fellow classmates all about Stephen Hawking. You can be as creative as you like when presenting your research.

You could make a:


Write a biography

Create a quiz with questions and answers

Make a PowerPoint

Make a short film


Below are some links that you may find helpful:


Please email me a picture or attachment of your work by 15/6/20



Please keep reading on Oxford Reading Buddy. If you have read all of the books on your set level, email me and I will be able to move you up a level.


In class, our class text is the Ickabog by J.K.Rowling. For those of you remaining at home, it would be great if you could read this too. We will be reading at least a chapter a day. 


I have attached a link to the story below:


I know we have a lot of budding artists in Year 6 so please look at the illustrations competition on the Ickabog website. If you draw any illustrations for the story, make sure you email me a picture of your fabulous creations too!

Take care everybodysmiley

Mrs. Jacombs-Clarke