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Catholic Primary School

  • With our mother Mary,
  • we gather together joyfully,
  • to love, live, learn and pray,
  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

The Maryvale Family are kicking off Lent 2021 with a Walk For Water. During lockdown, we may have lost things, but we all still have access to clean and safe water. We are lucky. 


In some places, people have to walk for over 10 hours a day and over 10,000 steps for often unclean water. Can you imagine having to walk 10,000 steps just to brush your teeth or have a glass of squash?


On the 26th of February, we are challenging everyone in school and at home to walk 10,000 steps! We are doing this to raise awareness and money for those who need it. Together we can put our values into action and make a huge difference. 

Thank you to everyone who joined our Lent assembly to find out more about Walk For Water:

Watch a recorded version of the assembly here:

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