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Welcome to your Computing Page Year 3 and 4!

Topic: Communication via Websites


These lessons will teach you all about how to search the web responsibly, how web pages are ranked and how to safely communicate through web pages.



Lesson 1: Searching the Web 


In this lesson, you will be introduced to a range of search engines. You will be given the opportunity to explain how we search, then you will write and test instructions.

Lesson 2: Selecting Search Results 


In this lesson, you will gain an understanding of why search engines are necessary to help us find things on the World Wide Web. You will conduct your own searches and break down, in detail, the steps needed to find things on the web.

Lesson 3: How Search Results are Ranked


This lesson includes an unplugged activity in which you will learn about some of the main factors that influence how a search engine ranks a web page.