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Catholic Primary School

  • With our mother Mary,
  • we gather together joyfully,
  • to love, live, learn and pray,
  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

Maryvale is proud to be a Trauma Informed Attachment Aware school (TIAAS), with all school staff having undergone training.  An Attachment Aware School is a place where resilience is promoted and where the most vulnerable children are able to recover from trauma.  Through participating in this programme, our staff are equipped with knowledge and skills which enable them to apply trauma and attachment aware strategies in school.


The approaches used in this programme are based upon current and up to date theory and research in this important area of child development.  Evidence suggests that attachment awareness in adults can lead to increased self-regulation in children (and adults). The capacity to self-regulate underpins emotional well-being and mental health, and enables the development of cognitive skills and learning.

A key element within the programme is Emotion Coaching.  This is an evidence-based whole-school approach towards responding to children’s emotions.  It is a way of interacting with children and young people, and promoting positive relationships.  Emotion Coaching helps children to become more aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings, particularly when children are experiencing strong emotions.