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  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

The best way for children to learn and confidently apply their phonic skills is by practicing little and often. All of these games are games I have played with my own child in the previous lock down. They are easy to prepare and most importantly fun! wink


Enjoy, Mrs. Jacombs-Clarke


This game can be played with red words, green words or sounds. Maybe start with a few key ones and build up rather than using all of them in one go. Once you've finished playing the High-Five game, you can use your hand print cut outs and put them on the doors around your house- each time you go into a room you can give it a high-five and say the words/sounds. Or you can get a grown up to hide them around your house- take a piece of paper round and write down the words as you find them!

Beat The Clock!

This game can be used for practicing red words, green words or sounds. You just need a baking tray and either flour/ icing sugar/ talc/ glitter. If you don't mind getting really messy, then shaving foam also works! If you want a totally mess free version, use a whiteboard and pen or a chalkboard. This can be done as just a reading task i.e. just read the word and don't write it.

Phonics Play
This website is currently offering free access to all of its interactive phonic based games- lots of fun and great practice.
Phonics Family
You can access this Facebook page regardless of whether you are a member of Facebook or not. It is packed full of engaging ways to practice phonic skills using everyday household things.