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  • as Jesus teaches us.

Hi Year 4!


Just so you are a little more prepared for when you return to school here are a few bits of revision for you to do at home…



Practicing your times tables during this time is really important Year 4! Time yourself, get a leader board going at home with the people you live with see if you can beat everyone at home! Learn all your multiplication facts and then challenge yourself you also learn the division facts! Open up the maths folder below to go over some key learning for this year.

Generate 2 or 3 digit numbers by rolling a dice see if you can add and subtract these using the column method.


Learn and have fun online with lots of great maths games and lessons:



Reading is SOOO much fun year 4 – transport yourself into a variety of different worlds through the books you read. Keep a log of all the material (online or offline) you read this can be books, magazines, comics or the newspaper as I’m sure your teacher will want to hear about all of these when you get back.

In the folder below give the mini reading challenges a go! Why not create a fact file on your favourite author, or redesign the cover of your favourite book?

Take the time to listen to some all time classic books online!



SPAG – Recap Basics

I have included some cool ways of learning your year 4 spellings in the folder below and when you have look you will see some posters on key grammar terms you could practice for this year. Have a go have creating your own eye catching, colourful posters at home for these grammar terms.

Have a go at some interactive games:

Test yourself! 


Extra Bits

Recap some key learning through the following web links:


Overall, keep safe, continue learning and look after yourselves! We look forward to welcoming back to school soon.