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  • as Jesus teaches us.

Fabulous home learning participation from Year 5! We have many gifted artists with creative talents!

Weekly Update - 27th April, 2020

World Kindness Day update


Year 5 will longer because they are kind - according to the BBC, scientists say that being kind can extend your life (click the picture to see the article).


All the more reason to keep up the good work, Year 5!


Year 5 share their prayers for people who are unwell


We had a special morning prayer this morning, as lots of Year 5 read their prayers as the class listened respectfully.


Well done to all those who shared their heart-felt prayers with the class, and well done to those who listened to respectfully.


World Kindness Day - 13th November 2019


Today is World Kindness Day, and as part of Year 5's 'Kindness Challenge', twelve of the group performed an assembly for the rest of the school. They gave examples of kind acts that they had received from others, and examples of things that we can all do to be kind to others.


We hope that Year 5 have inspired other year groups to be kind to their friends and to people who are not their friends.


As always, Year 5 shone for their efforts, and demonstrated a maturity and commitment that is an example for everyone else, of which we are proud.



Remembrance at Maryvale

"On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, when the guns fell silent, we will remember you"


Year 6 have led a solemn and emotive Remembrance service today, where we have shared a two-minute silence in memory of all of those who have served or currently serve in our Armed Forces, protecting our shared values.


This reinforces what Year 5 learned last Friday with Mr Patel, who spoke about why we wear poppies and why it is important to remember events of the past.


Well done to all of those Year 6s who participated - it is events like these which make the whole community proud of you!



Oxford Reading Buddy is now live and running in Year 5!


We got our brand new Reading Records and login details for out Oxford Reading Buddy accounts yesterday, and it's fantastic to see that 62% of Year 5 have already logged in and started reading / quizzing!


Let's see if we can get 100% of the class into the great habit of reading and challenging themselves before Christmas.




The Sun is giving away £12million-worth of books as part of our amazing Books For Schools campaign

Please collect tokens for the school!

If we can collect 3500 tokens by January 2020, the school will receive £600 worth of books for everyone to enjoy.

Click the 'Read all about it' link to find out more.



Year 5 are... Attentive and Discerning


Today, a group of Year 5 leaders guided the whole class through a Liturgy, reflecting on the new Jesuit Values which are Attentive and Discerning.


As always, we are very proud to have such dedicated and hard-working members of the group, who really did themselves and the whole group proud. I am very sure our guests were very impressed today, including the Chair of Governors, Mrs Hopkinson, who visited the classroom during our Liturgy.

World Kindness Day looms, and Year 5 are up for the challenge!


Monday 4th November 2019

This week, Year 5 have embarked on the Year 5 Kindness Challenge. They will be recording kind acts they have done for others and for themselves on a regular basis, and will reflect on missed opportunities for kind acts.


By Christmas, all of us will have 'upped' our efforts, and will be brimming with ideas for kindness, to share beyond the walls of our school.


A group from the class will also be performing an assembly next week, to try to infect the whole school with their Kindness Challenge. World Kindness day is celebrated on Wednesday 13th November.


“This is the beginning of a new day.

You have been given this day to use as you will.

You can waste it or use it for good.

What you do today is important because you

are exchanging a day of your life for it.

When tomorrow comes, this day

will be gone forever;

in its place will be something that you

have left behind...

let it be something good.”

Japanese Proverb



Father Thé officially becomes a member of the Maryvale Community tomorrow, and Year 5 are in full voice!

Monday 21st October 2019


We've been lucky today to have members of staff from Cardinal Wiseman helping us to prepare for the Induction Mass tomorrow for Father Thé, who officially joins the community tomorrow.


We are looking forward to a good representation from Year 5 at 7pm tomorrow up at the church!


See you there!


Year 5 have been well represented in Gold Book assembly!

Friday 18th October 2019

Today Year 5 have been celebrated in Gold Book assembly, with Vanessa receiving the Gold Book award for her hard work this week, Grace and Molly receiving a football trophy and a large group of Year 5 receiving recognition for their baking skills last week, with Madison taking the joint prize for her amazing cake! Well done to everyone! All of Year 5 feel very proud of you all!


Fruity planets!

Thursday 17th October 2019

We have had a fruity science lesson today - using different fruits to show the scale of the planets relative to each other. We know the names of the planets, we know that there are gas giants and terrestrial planets, and we know in which order you can find them, starting from the sun.


Some groups decided to order them from smallest to largest, and some from the distance to the sun. All had a great time.


Harrison brought in his copy of National Geographic, which had some great information about the Solar System to aid our learning.


Why has Pluto been crossed out?


Saltmine Theatre Company - British Values

Today we have enjoyed a performance by the Saltmine Theatre Company, highlighting the importance of British Values and how to be a good neighbour.


We saw how 'Stripy' and 'Spotty' hated each other without really knowing why. After thinking hard and speaking to each other, they realised that even though they were different in kmany ways, in some ways they were the same and could not only be friends, but could also learn from each other.


It was a great performance, and the children enjoyed the workshop afterwards, where they learned about the four main British values in more detail.


Rule of Law - I will follow the rules

Democracy - I have a voice

Mutual Respect - I will respect and accept others

Individual Liberty - I have a choice.

Canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman - Whole school celebration led by Year 5


Year 5 have once again made the whole school proud by leading the celebration of Blessed John Henry Newman's Canonisation, which took place on Sunday 13th October.


Saint John Henry Newman is Year 5's class saint - although until now he was actually not a saint!


Year 5 visited every year group and led a prayer service, with Saint John Henry Newman's motto "cor ad cor loquitur", which means 'hearts speak to hearts', which is a description of the personal relationship between God and man achieved through prayer.


As part of the celebration, many children baked cakes, and Year 5 had a fantastic representation. Thanks to all of the Year 5 pupils (and the parents whol helped! who took the time and effort to make a cake to help celebrate.


(photos to follow)


Harvest Mass

Thursday, 10th October 2019


Today we celebrated the Harvest with Father Thé. Some of the donations were placed on the altar, and they will all be taken to be distributed at local food banks shortly.


Well done to all of the Year 5 parents and pupils who have been so generous (and well-done to Albert for motivating us all)!


Trip to the National Space Centre, Leicester

Wednesday, 9th October 2019


With six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, and the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower, the award-winning National Space Centre is an out-of-this-world experience - and Year 5 loved it!


We started the morning with a workshop where we learned about the phases of the moon (can you remember all of the names of the different phases of the moon?), and then had the chance to explore in our small groups. Year 5 had plenty of freedom to discover different exhibits, and below are a selection of photos of their discoveries! We finished the visit with an amazing show in the Sir Patrick Moore planetarium. It felt like we were really taking off into space!


Year 5 behaved excellently, and apart from enjoying themselves, they all represented the school fantastically. Mrs Jacombs-Clarke, Mr Phillips and I were all very impressed.


If you want to make a repeat visit, details can be found here:

From Egyptologist to hieroglyph scribe...

Can you decipher these hieroglyphs? Click here to access a hieroglyph typewriter.


We have immersed ourselves in Ancient Egyptian history this week, trying to answer the question: why and how did the Ancient Egyptians build the pyramids?


We have learned lots of things, ranging from Howard Carter's amazing discovery and what it taught us, famous pyramids and their contents, building techniques and primitive tools used during the pyramids' construction. We got creative and became scribes, writing cartouches with messages written in hieroglyphics. Can you work out their meaning?

Harvest Assembly - Albert for Prime Minister?

We have been treated today to a passionate and confident plea from Albert for donations to this year's Harvest Collection.


He led an assembly - which he had spent his own time preparing - and delivered it with passion. All were entertained, but more importantly, everyone left with enthusiasm and excitement.


I hope Albert will be pleased withe the fruits of his labour!


Update: Ahead of the Harvest mass today (10/10/2019) we have had to start a new box in Year 5, as the donations were overflowing! Well done Albert and Year 5 (and all of your lovely parents!) for setting a fantastic example for the rest of the school community!


Year 5 Class Assembly - Diwali and Light!

Friday, 13th September 2019


Today, Year 5 have put their hearts into a great assembly, combing science and religion. They have given a fantastic scientific explanation of how light travels, reflects and allows us to see everything around us. They have then presented the Hindu story of Diwali, recounting the defeat of Ravana, the evil monster - a victory of light over darkness!


I'm sure I speak for both parents and teachers when I say we were all very proud that they managed to pull this off after only a week of practice. Well done Year 5!

Religion and culture: Bollywood dancing comes to Maryvale!

Although some were reluctant to begin with, all of Year 5 loved taking part in the Bollywood dance workshop today, where theydanced to upbeat music and bells to lead the beat. They were taught a choreographed dance including lots of mudras.

Mudras are the very precise hand gestures used in Bollywood dancing to convey a specific meaning. They also are a clear reminder of the modern art form’s roots in one of the oldest, most spiritual dances in Indian culture: Bharata Natyam.

This classical dance originated in southern India thousands of years ago and was initially performed in Hindu temples to honour the gods. Though it later moved to the stage, the movements are still associated with particular deities (gods and godesses) and their stories.

Choreographed dances in early Bollywood films were heavily influenced by Bharata Natyam, as well as regional Indian folk dances and Kathak, a classical form that blends Hindu and Muslim cultures.


Mrs Dalzell passed through and couldn't resist joining in! Maybe you can teach your parents this dance?