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  • With our mother Mary,
  • we gather together joyfully,
  • to love, live, learn and pray,
  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

Good Morning Year 4!

Welcome back to WEEK 14.


Thankyou for regularly looking at this page. I have been amazed by the fantastic work you created last week including the Black Lives Matters Posters and information about Martin Luther King. It is so lovely to see how much effort you put into making your posters unique and bold for a very important cause!


This Week's Tasks.

  1. Create a poster about area of different shapes. How do we calculate area? Make you poster vibrant and eye-catching.
  2. Creative Writing Project

Look at the picture above, study it closely.

  • - What can you see in this picture? Look for the details you think others may miss.
  • - Why is the hut on chicken legs? Does it move? Who controls it?
  • - Who is the person in the doorway? What are they doing? Do they want to be inside this hut?
  • - Why is there a tiger in the foreground? Does it live here? Is it owned by someone or is it wild?
  • - Imagine you discover this place on a walk in the woods. How would you feel? What would you do?
  • - What kind of story would this setting best fit into?
  • Now, write a short story based on this picture. Consider the atmosphere you want to create and choose your language and structure carefully.

Think about the characters that will be included. What is happening? 

Be as creative as possible and let your imagination go wild as you create a story based solely on this one picture. 

I cannot wait to read them.


3. MyMaths - Revision of Time and Timetables.


4. TTRockstars - 5 Arena Sessions - 5 Studio Sessions - 5 Arena Sessions.


5. Oxford Reading Buddy - Read 3 books and complete Quizzes. 

Special Mentions - Martin Luther King Information

Martin Luther King Documents

Once again, thank you for looking at our page Year 4!

I will look forward to seeing your fantastic posters and creative stories in the coming week!


Take Care, Keep Safe.


Miss Martin heartsmiley