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Catholic Primary School

  • With our mother Mary,
  • we gather together joyfully,
  • to love, live, learn and pray,
  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.


Multi -Faith Week

Year 2 have settled back at school very well and are doing fabulously well with all their learning! We have just finished with our Multi-faith week. Our topic was Hanukkah. 
We have learnt about the story of Hanukkah and how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. We retold the story through acting and writing about what happened and why Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.
We learnt how to play a Jewish game called dreidel - for this we had to turn a net of a shape into a 3D shape in order to play. We then wrote instructions on how to play. We thought it was great fun! Here we are with our dreidels! 
We also learnt how to write our names in Hebrew letters and had to learn to write from right to left! 
One of the highlights of the week was making a fingerprint menorah that's has been added to our beautiful display in school to showcase all of our learning. Come and have a look!