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Catholic Primary School

  • With our mother Mary,
  • we gather together joyfully,
  • to love, live, learn and pray,
  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

Thursday 30th September - Psalms of Praise 


A musical afternoon in Year 2! After learning about King David and his Psalms of the Bible, Year 2 wrote and performed our own Psalms to celebrate God. #CatholicLife #MaryvaleFamily #KS1

Friday 17th September - Recorders! 


Year 2 ended the week on a good note as we had our first lesson using the recorders! We practised the note 'b' and we made sounds of different lengths. Mrs Cross was very impressed as Year 2 played a whole song on the recorders :) 

Monday 13th September - KS1 Assembly


We had our first Key Stage One assembly this morning. It was wonderful to join together in collective worship. We reflected on our expectations and sacrifice. 


We heard the story of Jack (played by Mr Zolna) and Jack's Mom (Miss Beech). Jack had grown out of his bike and his mom suggested giving it to his little sister instead. Jack didn't want to because he LOVED riding his bike on adventures but he decided it would be best to give it to his sister to enjoy. Luckily, Jack's mom got him a new bike for his birthday so it all worked out in the end! 


Just as we can all make sacrifices for others, Jesus sacrificed his life for us so that all who believe in him can have eternal life. 

What sacrifice will you make for others?

Thursday 9th September - Key Saints


Today, Year 2 were thinking all about Saints! Who becomes a Saint, why do they become a Saint and how? We spoke about saints we already know like St John Henry Newman and we learnt the names of some new saints like Saint Mother Theresa - can you child remember her claim to fame? We read an article about how to come become a saint ( and then made posters telling others how to.


Which pupils in our class will become Saints? 

Wednesday 8th September - Nativity of Mary


Have you heard the word nativity before? Ask your child and see if they can remember what it means...okay...1...2...3...did they remember? You have probably heard it at Christmas when we talk about the birth of Jesus but Nativity just means when someone is born. Wednesday the 8th September is the Nativity of Mary the mother of Jesus! Year 2 spoke about why Mary is important to Catholics, we created birthday cards for her and we wrote asking Mary to pray with us. We even sang Happy Birthday and played some party games (sleeping lions...zzzzzz). 

Tuesday 7th September - Eloquent and Truthful 


Year 2 held our first class liturgy looking at the values of 'eloquent' and 'truthful'. Before the liturgy, we discussed their meaning and examples of being eloquent and truthful. During the liturgy, we read from the bible and heard how God helped Moses to be both eloquent and truthful to fulfil his vocation. We heard from 1 Corinthians 13 and how words without love or kindness are like a cymbal crashingAfterwards, we discussed ways we can be eloquent and truthful in our own lives and the importance of speaking kindly to others.