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  • as Jesus teaches us.

Welcome Back Year 4!

It is Week 15 which is finally the week of our Zoom Meeting. 
I know that a lot of you have been extremely excited about this and I'm sure that it will be a fantastic opportunity for us to see each other and have a much needed catch up!


Zoom Meeting Details:

All of your parents should have received a message last week with the details for the meeting via 'The School App'.

It will take place this Thursday (2nd July) at 9:00am. Please make sure you're on time to the meeting as the room will be locked at 9:05. 


This is the Zoom Website:

If you type Zoom into google it'll also show this website. 

If you are using a tablet you will need to download the app 'Zoom'.


You then need to click 'Join a meeting' at the top right of the page. 

It will then ask you for a 'Meeting ID' which I have sent to your parents via 'The School App'. Type that in. 

It will then ask you for a 'Passcode' which I have sent to your parents via 'The School App'. Type that in (it is case sensitive).

This will then take you to a waiting room where I will accept your request to join the meeting and then you should be on.

I hope that's not too confusing..... 


Have a pen and paper at the ready as we will be completing a General Knowledge Quiz for fun. 

I can't wait to see your smiling faces at long last! laugh




This Week's Tasks


1. Create a Home Workout Session. 

During Lockdown, I have struggled to stay fit and exercise. I need your help!

Create a Joe Wicks style workout for me to complete in my back garden that will raise my pulse, warm up my muscles and keep me active. 

You can either do this in the style of:

  • A fitness video (like Joe Wicks),
  • A poster (see examples below),
  • A Powerpoint.

Make sure that whatever you do, it is detailed and clearly states each exercise and how many of each must be carried out. 

I will record myself completing some of the favourites that you send in next week to prove to you that I have completed them!



2. MyMaths - Geometry 

Properties of Triangles & Lines and Quadrilaterals


Describing shapes & 2D and 3D shapes.


3. TTRockstars - 5 Garage Sessions - 10 Festival Sessions.


4. Oxford Reading Buddy - Read 5 Books and complete the Quizzes


5. YR4 Zoom Meeting/Quiz - Thursday 9:00am




Special Mentions - Area and Creative Writing

Not forgetting some more fantastic documents and PPTs. Check these out!

Your understanding of Area and Creative Stories blew me away this week Year 4. Even though there wasn't as many children that completed last weeks task, the children that did excelled and produced amazing narratives based purely from a single picture. What an imaginative bunch!


Keep working hard Year 4!

Get those home workouts made so that we can all get fit and healthy during our time at home.

I can't wait to see you all on the Zoom Meeting Thursday.

Remember: If you have any questions please ask your parents to email me - or call the School's Telephone Number.


Take Care. Keep Safe.

Miss Martin  angel