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Catholic Primary School

  • With our mother Mary,
  • we gather together joyfully,
  • to love, live, learn and pray,
  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

Special Memories From Class of 2019-20

Our Special

Memories 2019-20

Ben Wolosik 

Being at Maryvale has been great! We’ve done so many fun things. I really have enjoyed 🖼. Staff and my parents are proud of me. I will keep working hard and never give up!

Dylan Morris 

Being at Maryvale has been amazing! I have enjoyed all my time here and made some really great friends. The teachers and all the staff are helpful and supportive. Maryvale is a special place for all children! 


Eva Jenkins 

My favourite memories are basically everything! I’ve enjoyed everything about being at Maryvale, especially when we went to Western Super Mare and the trip to visit the River Severn. Other than that we had lots of fun singing along to the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat even after months of performing it! 😀

Marie Rodriguez 

I have really enjoyed my time at Maryvale. My favourite memories are all the fun we have had when we have been doing art 🖼 and science. A big thank you my teacher and all the staff. 

Jayden Francis 

My favourite memories from Maryvale are our fun ICT lessons, performing in the year 5 production and winning a race first place 🥇 during sports day last year ⭐️.

Harvey Harrison 

Sporting happy memories for you to always remember. 


Piotr Siedzaiko 

My whole time at Maryvale has been great - I’ve enjoyed being an E-cadet leader, dressing up for our WWII topic and our writing lessons with Mrs Jacombs-Clarke. 

Emily-May Harrison

A special day at Maryvale you’ll always cherish! 


Jack Keogh 

I have enjoyed all the sports at school, playing for the school football team but one of my favourite memories from this year will be  having a teacher who supports the Villa! 

Gerrard Oyovwi 

I have loved helping with Mass in school and at church. Moving upto Miss Barnes’s maths group was brilliant! 

Brandon Malone 

I have really enjoyed my time at Maryvale. I have liked being a part of the after school activities, the fun P.E. lessons, reading and using the computers. My teachers at Maryvale have been very nice.

Isabelle Graham 

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Maryvale. The art lessons have been my favourite and getting my handwriting pen!

Luke Darby

Happy memories for me have been enjoying sports day, playing with my friends, our fun science lessons, P.E lessons and the exciting school fayres! 

George Healy 

Thank you Maryvale! 

Riya Sohal

A funny memory you'll always remember! 


Adeline Odunewu

Adeline has really enjoyed her time at Maryvale!

Ethan Lee 

My best memories of Maryvale are playing for the school football team, being a part of the year 5 production and visiting the Mosque, learning more about the religion Islam.