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Year 2 Curriculum Overview


Dear Parents and Guardians,


My name is Mr Zolna and I will be your child’s class teacher for this term. Also, in class will be Miss Bierd and Mr Phillips. The aim of this letter is to help you understand what will be taught in Year 2 this half term, as well as ways that you can support your child from home. These are the details of our curriculum:




In RE this term, children will be given an insight into the stories and characters of the Old Testament including Noah’s Ark, David and goliath and Daniel in the Lions Den. Children will be able to describe important figures from the Bible who were called into friendship with God.


During Multi-Faith week, we will focus on Catholicism including the Bible, Saints and the people in Our Church.   We will celebrate the birth of Mary Our Mother on the 8thSeptember by learning more about why Mary is important to Catholics and her role in the ministry of Jesus.




In PSHE, we will be learning more about ‘community’ and your child will learn more about their relationship with the wider world. We will explore how humans are called to love others in the wider community through service, through dialogue and through working for the Common Good. We will read the story of the good Samaritan and your child will learn about their rights and responsibilities in their community.




Our focus text for this term will be “Ruby’s Worry” by Tom Percival. Children will be consolidating Year 1 writing skills such as punctuation of simple sentences; expanding sentences with adjectives and being able to join simple sentences with conjunctions such as ‘and’ or ‘but’. Some children will also join sentences using ‘because’. “Ruby’s Worry” will also allow us to explore and worries or fears a child might have and how they can deal with them.





Year 2 will consolidate the key skills of counting forwards and backwards with 50, identifying the tens and ones within 50 and comparing numbers within 50. When secure, children will use the same skills with numbers to 100. Children will read and write numbers to 100, use a place value chart, compare numbers and objects to 100 and order numbers to 100.


Children will consolidate counting in 2s, 5s and 10s through skip counting, games and songs.




In Science, we will be focusing on ‘everyday materials’ alongside our DT work. We will explore the properties and uses of everyday materials. This includes identifying, comparing and choosing materials based on their properties such as how absorbent or flexible they are.





In PE, we will continue to develop movement skills through the use of general games and activities including the parachute. Then we further develop our thinking, communication and movement skills in order to combine these skills for use in activities and games.


Design and Technology


Our Design and Technology topic for this term will be ‘sizzling structures’. Children will design, make and evaluate different structures while investigating how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.


If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact me at