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  • with respect for all God’s family,
  • as Jesus teaches us.

Hello Year 4! 

I hope you all enjoyed your nutritious smoothies last week! They all looked AMAZING!

I know that we were supposed to have a Zoom Meeting/Quiz this Friday. However, this has had to be delayed for a few week. I would use this time to brush up on your general knowledge so that you ace all the questions that I'll be asking...


This week, I want the focus to be on Perimeter

You should have completed the online Lesson and Homework on MyMaths about this and have a good understanding on what Perimeter is (if you haven't done the homework, I suggest you do it first).




  1. Create a poster explaining what Perimeter is. Use colour, diagrams, writing to make your work eye-catching. 
  2. Create a floor plan of your house showing the Perimeter of each room. You will need a tape measure for this task. Remember than you must measure the length of every wall in a room then add them together to find the perimeter. 
    EG: If you had a square bedroom and each wall was 200cm long, you would do 200cm+200cm+200cm+200cm which would make the perimeter of that room 800cm. See worksheet below as an example of how you can display your floor plan and measurements. 
  3. Oxford Reading Buddy - Read 3 Books and complete Quiz.
  4. TTRockstars - 5 Studio Sessions - 3 Arena Sessions - 3 Soundcheck Sessions.
  5. MyMaths - 3D Shapes and Nets of 3D Shapes.


If you have any questions or problems about any work set this week, please ask your parents to email me. 

I check my emails everyday, so will respond quickly.





Floor Plan - Perimeter

WALL OF FAME - Here is some of the amazing smoothies and recipes that you created last week.

Yet again, another fantastic week of learning!

I am so proud of all the fantastic work you have produced during these strange times - working from home!


I cannot wait to see you all soon.

Take Care. Keep Smiling.


Miss Martin wink